ArtistLink provides three different levels of service with appropriate pricing:
Simple Hosting

This package includes a three page site in a folder attached to the ArtistLink site. Your web URL will look something like this:
There are no contact details in this package, just simply a text message instructing your prospective client to return to the site that referred them.

Price: $50 per year.
Smart Hosting

This is similar to the Simple Hosting package with the addition of "Referring Website Capture". That means your prospective client can send an email through the ArtistLink site and it will be delivered to the inbox of the website that referred them.

Price: $75 per year.
Extra-Smart Hosting

Our Extra-Smart Hosting package gives you a subdomain at ArtistLink. Your web URL will look something like this:
If you use this package, you will be able to log in to your subdomain and upload your website. You are able to manage your entire web hosting from the cPanel Hosting Control Panel. You'll definitely appreciate the speed and "easy-to-use" features, like Statistics and Analysis.

Price: $100 per year.
Account Set-up and Web Page Design
We charge an initial set-up fee of $50 to create your account. This includes uploading your site if you supply us with your own content.
If we need to create content, design pages or edit your content for your website on ArtistLink, we charge a flat rate of $25 per page per instance.

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